The 18 Best Guitar Brands

Last Updated:  November 15, 2020

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Ask your average person, and the most likely guitar brands they’re familiar with are Gibson, Epiphone, and Fender. But that’s far from the list of guitar manufacturers that are worthwhile. Today, numerous companies make up the guitar market, with each having their own individual advantages and recommended products for the consumer. Some of them have produced guitars for almost the same length of time as those mentioned, but now maintain followings and dedicated fans of their instruments.

If you’re looking for a guitar, the list below details all the products from the brands that are suggested by serious players and musicians alike. There’s something here for everyone, so check out those that pique your interest, and see if one could be next in line for your future purchase. If you’re a beginner, then you’ll also appreciate the low cost of most brands. So without further details, let’s get started!

Our List of the Best Guitar Brand Choices by Name and Product


Best Blueridge Guitars ReviewsBlueridge has become known for their guitars that resemble classic products from better-known brands. They have a huge list of instruments, most of which contain the same pats and/or woods that are used in guitars with a higher price tag. It’s also one of the most popular for beginner to intermediate players, which is the reason it comes first on the list.

Blueridge is just one of many brands that fall under the larger umbrella of Saga Musical Instruments, a company that produces and distributes all categories of stringed playing tools. It just so happens that it alone is one of their signature products. Their lineup has become common among players looking for a sound that’s identical to guitars that were manufactured during the early 20th century.

1. Blueridge BR-43 Contemporary Series 000 Guitar — Best for Mobile Guitarists (Editor’s Choice)


The BR-43 is a Mahogany powerhouse with loads of tone and great controls, whether you like to play with or without an amp.


2. Bristol BD-16 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar — Best Bristol Guitar for Picking (People’s Choice)


The Bristol BD-16 has everything that a novice needs in order to get going with practice quickly, but enough to keep more seasoned players happy.


3. Blueridge BG-40 Contemporary Series Slope Shoulder Dreadnought Guitar — Best Blueridge Guitar for Tone


The BG-40 is similar to many of the other standard Blueridge brands, but with sharper tone and outstanding build quality. It’s Rosewood from the front and has a good fingerboard that’ll stay in shape for years without wearing down.



Best Jasmine Guitars ReviewsNever was there a better time than now to afford a good quality and cheap guitar, and Jasmine is proof of this. Jasmine Guitars, owned by KMC Music, has a good selection for anyone that is seeking guitars that are under $300, but more than $200. For intermediate players, one with a higher price might be advised by some, but the quality of Jasmine’s product makes it comparable to others in the lower midrange. If you want a guitar that’s easy to learn and comes with great accessories, check these pieces out.

For anyone that has sensitive hands that chip and become dry during play, Jasmine builds their guitars with parts that are gentle on the fingers. Their specialty is both classic and acoustic/electric, all built to get the novice player comfortable with playing posture in no time. Necks are particularly well crafted, and their reduced neck widths can assist in more accurately without losing focus on the cords.

4. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural — Best Acoustic Jasmine Guitar (Editor’s Choice)


The S35 model is acoustic and has a nice twangy tone in the pickup at times. It’s easy enough for anyone the practice on but has enough strength to make it on the occasional live show.


5. Jasmine 6 String Acoustic Guitar Right Handed, Natural JO36-NAT — Best Jasmine Guitar for Durability (People’s Choice)


The 6 String J036-NAT is suggested for a player that wants a piece that’s easy to walk with. IF you’re planning on traveling with a guitar, this should handle well in the different temperatures that you may encounter. And the damage doesn’t come along easy here, so look no further if you need a good build and tone in one package.


6. Jasmine 6 String Classical Guitar Right Handed, Natural JC23-NAT — Best Jasmine Guitar for Beginners


This JC23-NAT model has a matte finish that makes it easy to wipe down and clean. But this is something that you’ll probably rarely need to do, so long as it’s stored correctly. The size is quite large but a smaller player should have no issue adapting to playing it over a short period.


7. Jasmine JD36CE-NAT J-Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural — Best Jasmine Guitar for Intermediate Players


The JD36CD-NAT is another acoustic guitar that has been built with bracing in mind. Everything is reinforced here, and the parts are noticeably well made and far from cheap. You might be surprised the first time you look at the price. You’ll have a lot more than what you’ll pay for with this model.



Best Ibanez guitars reviewsIbanez is a Japanese company that has been in business for over 50 years. They were one of the first organizations to become popular in Europe and North America, and it’s easy to see why. Their guitars have the body and tone of some high-end brands but much easier to acquire and learn from. And it also helps that most of the products they put out are at novice prices, at least with their entry-level prototypes.

The company has many auxiliary models. Looking back at some of the older products they have, one can see many resemblances to Gibson and even Danelectro, especially along the necks and headstocks of past designs. But today, they mostly stand out on their own, having little to similarities to other brands. Most models include many accessories, gig bags counted as well. Their pickups are praised as some of the easiest for beginners to learn, and measured at the ideal size for a “one size fits most” guitar.

8. ESP 6 String LTD EC-256 Electric Guitar, Black (EC256BLK) — Best Ibanez for Fast Fingerboarding (Editor’s Choice)


The ESP 6 is an electric guitar with a solid black body and a thick neck. You can play both pickups and bridge altogether, and the weight doesn’t cause pain in the arms when used for more than one hour.


9. Ibanez 6 String Acoustic Guitar Pack Ambidextrous, Natural Gloss IJV50 — Best Ibanez for Warm Tones (People’s Choice)


The Ibanez 6 String Guitar Pack has a natural gloss, meaning that little was done to take away from the wood’s natural defenses against wear. No synthetic contents make up the body at all.


10. Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar Right Handed (GRX20ZBKN) — Best Ibanez Classic Electric Guitar


The GRX20ZBKN model is in the shape of a high powered electric guitar and draws out some great tones when tuned well. If you’re not concerned with steel strings (or have no issue changing them out), this guitar pairs well with pedals and those that wish to use lots of distortion in their tunes.


11. Ibanez Artcore 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar Right, Tobacco Flat AM53TF — Best Ibanez for Wood Quality


The AM53TF is hollowed out and allows the acoustic to output stellar tonation that appears to get better as the wood settles in the environment it’s placed in. All-natural and rich in notes, you could alternate with this in live practice session or recordings.



Best Fender guitars reviewsFender needs no introductions. The brand has become synonymous with rock and blues legends of all types and has consistently put out great sounding instruments that age like wine. But there are a few misconceptions about Fender products. The most common is that they’re all made in the United States, which was true at one time but not any longer. Fender sells guitars assembled in China and Mexico as well. Each has their pros, so if you want a specific sound or quality, be sure that you understand the contrasts to the region of manufacture before you’re sold on a Fender. Furthermore, don’t forget about their Acoustic Guitars. Fender has been aggressively marketing them for quite some time, and are loved by amateurs and emerging intermediates. As for professionals, they could also find lots of like about their Classics and Dreadnoughts, making the brand one that many people gravitate toward when choices are narrowed down.

12. Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag – Natural — Best Fender for Sensitive Fingers (Editor’s Choice)


The FA-100 is an acoustic guitar that comes with a gig bag. As a dreadnought, the look is classic, and sound warm. At times, it can become vibrant, particularly when tuned digitally. There’s a rod in the back that keeps this tone consistent and won’t fall flat when you’re playing in seasonal conditions.


13. Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar – Natural Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strings, Strap, and Picks
— Best Acoustic Fender Guitar (People’s Choice)


The Fender FA-115 is another dreadnought acoustic that has 20 frets on the bridge and picks quickly. If you like to play with your hands alone, this is a great option. The strings feel nice and warm when things get going. It’s suggested for lovers of country and folk, so try it out if you need something with solid earthy sounds.



Best Squier guitars reviewsSquier is the ultimate beginner’s guitar. They have produced instruments for decades and are a subsidiary of Fender. If you are keen on Fender products, you may notice lots of similarities between the two. This is a good thing, and the company (Squier) has become a respected name in the guitar world. Looking at most of their products, one will quickly notice how they retail lower than some of the competition. $250 is about the average, but you could find some well below the $200 range. If you travel often, you may already be familiar with Squier’s dominance within the music instrument industry. It’s common to find a Squier instrument in the unlikeliest of places, which also means that compatible parts are relatively easy to come by.

14. Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster HSS Hardtail – Arctic White — Best Squier Guitar for Hard Rock


The Squier Stratocaster HSS Hardtail is all white and resembles the famed instrument played by Hendrix during Woodstock. It has humbucker pickups and a whammy bar for added distortion.


15. Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 50’s Hand Telecaster Electric Guitar – Butterscotch Blonde – Maple Fingerboard — Best Squier Telecaster Replica (Editor’s Choice)


The Fender Classic by Squier is a prototype to the larger brand’s famed 50’s classic Telecaster. The color is Butterscotch and a great tool for intermediates, or just those that want a replica of something that much more pricey.



Based in California, Taylor Guitars has become very popular among acoustic lovers. They’ve been in service since the early 1970s, with a large assortment of products for beginners and professionals to play on. They produce both Concert and Dreadnought styles; if you need only acoustic and just learning how to play, consider Taylor. The Grand Concert and Grand Symphony series are great for amateurs but also beginning intermediates. As for recent events from the company, newer models include V Class reinforcement; Anything older than what’s put out since 2018 relies on the L Class. Taylor’s acoustics have a traditional wide body that’s short and a little bit stockier in contrasts to what’s been shown already, so try out this brand if you’re small in height.

16. Taylor 214ce DLX – Layered Rosewood Back and Sides — Best Taylor Guitar for Tonation (Editor’s Choice)

The 214cd DLX Guitar is built from authentic wood played onto each other in layers. This helps keep the tone n check when the pressure or weather becomes unfavorable. It has a strong bridge and should keep your fingers healthy and free from scratches (or the pickups themselves).


17. Taylor Academy Series Academy 12e Grand Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural — Best Taylor Guitar for String Comfortability (People’s Choice)


The Academy Series 12e Grand Concert is plain in color but outstanding in rich tones. You can also clean it pretty easy, as dust appears to not settle on the body. But the player that likes to jam out or pluck away with force, this could work wonders for the ease of operation.


18. Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB w/Gig Bag with case — Best Taylor Guitar for Build Quality


The GS Mini-e Solid Koa is made with simplicity in mind. For instance, if it arrives at your door, you’ll quickly see how everything is built for you to begin to play immediately. And it’s child-friendly. Additionally, anyone that’s short or stocky in height will get a great confidence boost in their play with this guitar.



Best Epiphone guitars reviewsAt one time, the current owner of Epiphone, Gibson, was in bitter rivalry with the former. Those days are long gone now, and the company has become as storied a brand as the one which produces their higher grand guitars. However, this is sort of an understatement. Epiphone instruments are great in their own right and have become the standard among many famous rock musicians throughout the world. And since the company is subbed under Gibson, many of the same guitars from the larger branch are included with Epiphone. That means you’ll be able to have a high-end guitar (albeit with different assembly parts) at a fraction of the cost.

19. Epiphone 6 String Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO, Trans black ENLPTBNH3 — Best Epiphone Les Paul Replica (Editor’s Choice)


The 6 String Les Paul Epiphone has all the gimmicks of the more expensive brand and does lots to keep the tone as similar to it as possible. That means it’s easy to pick up and play with minimal adjusting. The small pieces, such as the knobs, are chrome, accented by stellar pickups and a bridge that’s spaces almost perfectly.


20. Epiphone Les Paul SPECIAL-II Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst — Best Epiphone Guitar for Quick Fretting (People’s Choice)

The Les Paul SPECIAL-II is another guitar by Epiphone (not to be confused by Gibson alone). It’s built with Mahogany wood, and has quite a hefty weight, especially for anyone accustomed to lighter guitars or acoustic.


21. Epiphone PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package, Vintage Sunburst — Best Epiphone for Amp Compatibility


The PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 is another good model for people that want a strong bridge. It accents the neck and pickups good and helps the player stay in control of their tone longer without brief tuning.



Best Yamaha guitars reviewsMost people are familiar with Yamaha’s wide array of electronics, but they also make high-quality guitars at the intermediate and professional level. They’re headquartered in Japan, and manufacture models that are known for the ideal sounds heard in modern and classic rock genres. And with their global subsidiaries, The brand is easy to spot almost anywhere instruments are sold.

22. Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strings, String Winder, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, and Polishing Cloth — Best Classical Yamaha Guitar (Editor’s Choice)


The C40 Classical Guitar is a bundle. With it, you’ll get a gig bag, winder, and digital tuners, among a few other useful tools. All of this place into one product makes it a good choice for those who are price-conscious. Or maybe you just want to learn guitar without worrying about additional shopping. Whatever the case, This guitar is strong enough to be used in practice or studio sessions. Some may never think it due to Yamaha’s practice of manufacturing state of the art hardware, but their acoustic products are timeless. Classical guitars may even rival some vintage brands of the same type, and fingerboard at the novice level can be performed very easily.


23. Yamaha CG122MCH Solid Cedar Top Classical Guitar — Best Yamaha Guitar for Minimal Frets (People’s Choice)


The Yamaha CG122MCH has fewer frets that some may be accustomed to, but that doesn’t change the fact that the instrument is a breeze to play. The design is minimal, which keeps it n a like-new condition long after you may anticipate it to break down. You’ll have this one in your collection for years to come.


24. Yamaha FG850 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany — Best Yamaha Guitar for Bridge Quality


The Yamaha FG850 has a Rosewood bridge that is soft on the fingers. This extends further down to an additional piece (Rosewood) at the scratchboard. You can pick either Concert or Dreadnought here too, with the latter having a warmer tone.


25. Yamaha Student Series CGS103AII Classical Guitar, Natural — Best Yamaha Guitar for Beginners


The student Series CGS103AII Classical Natural is sold in three different sizes and retails at an outstanding price. If you’re a novice and still trying to master where to place your fingers on the pickups, this guitar should get your jams improving in no time.



Best Martin guitars reviewsMartin Guitars began in 1833, and have become famous for building high-grade steel strings that don’t wreak havoc on the fingers with calluses and dry skin. They mostly product flat tops but also build alternative instruments. In the early days, Martin was originally located in New York City, a time in which their most famous lineup, Original Martins, was created. Their reputation (the OM’s) has become a staple among independent guitar makers and are simple to use for variable skill sets. Newer models carry on this tradition and play great at live recordings and outdoor locales. Pennsylvania is where the company now calls home, and its reputation has seen the brand become better known outside of the US.

26. Martin D-10E Road Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar — Best Martin Guitar for Traveling Musicians (Editor’s Choice)


The Martin D-10E is a Road Series Acoustic Guitar, that has the ability to be played electric if preferred. The tones here match well with folk and classic country, and to hear it in action will take you back to lots of classic tunes from the genres.


27. Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar — Best Martin Guitar for Minimal Tuning (People’s Choice)


The Martin LX1 Little Martin Guitar Sounds great with hardly any tuning. But even if you’re an habitual tuner, the knobs won’t loosen too early in their play. It has a small frame and ideal for short people, but don’t give up on it if you’re tall. The feel is extremely comfortable for the size.


28. Martin Steel-String Backpacker Travel Guitar with Bag — Best Martin Guitar for Small Hands


The Martin Steel String Backpacker Guitar has a gig bag featured and contains enough padding protection to keep t safe during air transport. But even hauling it around (using that term conservatively) won’t cause you any stress in the shoulders. There are 15 frets total here, which is much lower than most of the brands shown previously.



Best Gibson guitars reviewsSituated in Nashville, Tennessee, the Gibson brand is very popular in the guitar world. Their instrument is housed in museums, and many great musicians have favored the brand over all others in the guitar market. The company was started in 1902 and has since made many great guitars, with the Gibson Les Paul arguably being their centerpiece.

29. Maestro by Gibson Electric Guitar Starter Package, Vintage Sunburst — Best Gibson Guitar for High-Quality Amps (Editor’s Choice)


The Maestro by Gibson is a work of art, but musically and physically. The body is perfect in the form that it comes in during shipping, and additional items for improvement will most likely not be needed. It hooks up well with any amp that comes its way and has great distortion with pedals.


30. Gibson USA LPTDM15ANNH1 Les Paul Traditional Mahogany Top Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Antique Natural — Best Chinese Les Paul (People’s Choice)

The Gibson is another Les Paul that’s made in China. As a Chinese model, customization may not be necessary but the smaller pieces could use an upgrade. Still, it’s a part of the Gibson brand and will output all sorts of tone for multiple genres of all kinds.



Best Seagull Guitars ReviewsSeagull is a Canadian guitar brand that’s all about tuning. They’re famous for offering lots of benefits in their headstocks, and tuning their guitars is a lot easier than many of the company’s rivals. Their acoustic lineup is vast and changing, with many brands being favored by online content creators that produce music over YouTube.

31. Seagull 046409 S6 Original SLIM Acoustic Guitar Bundle with Case — Best Seagull Guitar for Accessories (Editor’s Choice)


The 046409 S6 Original SLIM is acoustic and sold as a bundle. The design is very basic, but don’t let that lull you into thinking that this isn’t a powerhouse during live sessions. As with most Seagull models, your tuning will be much faster and provide tones bold in depth and complexity.


32. Seagull Coastline S6 Spruce Guitar — Best Seagull Guitar for Tuning (People’s Choice)

The Coastline S6 Spruce Guitar is recommended for players that plan on customizing their acoustic. It doesn’t have a finish and could become tedious to maintain if you don’t store it correctly. But this also allows for more additional parts or images to be placed directly on the body itself, so try it if one of your primary concerns deals with changing the appearance of the front and back of the guitar.


33. Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition Tennessee Red with Bag — Best Seagull Guitar for Construction Quality


The Seagull 56 Original Acoustic Guitar has a deep, dark redding wood-tone Known as Tennessee Red. Looks-wise, it’s probably the most beautiful in appearance. But the tone isn’t sacrificed because of this. There’s also a handy guide video included in the packaging, and maintenance should be straightforward for most players. Just be careful not the get it scratched!


34. Seagull S6 Original Slim Guitar — Best Seagull Guitar for Outdoor Play


The Seagull S6 Original Slim is an outdoorsman guitar. The tone won’t alter with the pressure, so take it with you on camping trips or any other outdoor event that has changes in elevation.



Best Guild Guitars ReviewsGuild was created in 1952, from a prior member of Epiphone. Many of their guitars are great for jazz and folk songs, but can also be used for acoustic versions of rock tracks. They’re located on the East Coast and have since become merged with Fender. Still, their guitars remain focused on their folk traits, which gives them the ideal tone for people with a taste for alternative sounds that were popular in the 1960s.

35. Guild D-240E Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Natural — Best Guild Guitar for Tall Players (Editor’s Choice)


The Guild D-24DE is an acoustic-electric that’s earthy in color and outstanding in sound. Built with a matte finish, debris will never make it to this guitar, which is easy to keep clean. Tuning can be performed lightning fast and it’s likely that you won’t have to adjust during playing intervals.


36. Guild F-2512E Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Natural — Best Guild Guitar for Novice Players (People’s Choice)


The Guild F-2512E is another Acoustic-Electric, and similar to those detailed previously. The main difference here is the size. It’s good for wide individuals or those that are heavy in build.


37. Guild Guitars 6 String Guild M-240E Troubadour Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Bag (Vintage Sunburst) (VSB W/B) — Best Guild Guitar for Bold Tones


The Guild 6 String M-240E Troubadour Acoustic that’s surprisingly modern in terms of tone, at least for this brand. It has a sunburst design that’s highly unique and very catchy on the eyes. You probably will never have to buy a solid case for this if you don’t want to do so, as the gig bag is heavy duty and holds out water very well.


38. Guild Guitars Bluesbird (Black) Solid Body Electric Guitar with Gig Bag (Black) — Best Electric Guild Guitar


The Guild Guitars Bluebird is a black-colored Guitar with phenomenal pickups. As you play, you’ll notice how your fingers don’t become fatigued or tired when hitting the strings and bridge at a rapid pace. This does wonder for tone, which is also accented by the bellowing hollowed-out hole n the center of the guitar.



Best Ovation Guitars ReviewsOvation is known for its use of engineering to produce good tone from their guitars. In fact, the original owner had previous experience in helicopter maintenance before creating the company. But today, the same standard still rings true for Ovation, and their guitars are touted for heavy and rich sounds that stay that way after years of heavy play from the same instrument.

39. Ovation Applause 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar Right, Black Mid-Depth AE44II-5 — Best Ovation Guitar for Stationary Play (Editor’s Choice)


The Applause 6 is great for both left and right-hand players and is a breeze to hold for hours at a time.


40. Ovation Applause 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar Right, Honey Burst Mid-Depth AB24II-HB — Best Onboard Tuner Ovation Guitar (People’s Choice)


The AB24II-HB has a tuner built behind the tail end of the guitar.


41. Ovation Applause Balladeer AB24CII-CED Mid Depth Classical Guitar, Natural Cedar — Best Cedarwood Ovation Guitar


The Ovation Applause Balladeer is made from Cedar wood and sold at friendly prices, particularly considering it’s fast pickups



Best Washburn Guitars ReviewsWashburn was started in Chicago, Illinois, and is known for manufacturing classic banjos and the acoustic instrument used by jazz and soul musicians. Most of their instruments are built by third parties but don’t let that stop you from considering what they have to offer. There’s plenty of great tone in those evaluated here.

42. Washburn Comfort Series USM-WCG20SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural — Best Washburn Acoustic-Electric (Editor’s Choice)

The first in the Comfort Series is the USM-WCG20SCE and has great tonation for people with a knack for accurate pickups that must be plucked with a high degree of accuracy.


43. Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar – Natural) — Best Steel String Washburn Guitar (People’s Choice)


The Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String is another travel-friendly guitar that’s easy for both beginners are intermediate players. Its wood and color are natural and pure, just like the sound that comes from the strings themselves.


44. Washburn WD7S Harvest Series Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar – Tobacco Sunburst. – Best Washburn Guitar for Accessorizing


The Washburn WD7S Harvest is Mahogany and finished with a natural gloss. This not only makes it easy to maintain but improves in the future as the guitar becomes older.


Best PRS Guitars ReviewsPRS is a guitar company that’s also famous for building lots of high-quality amplifiers. Nothing is cheaply made here, and their lineup consists of some of the best in terms of playability for the price. Even professional guitarists would like the sounds they produce, and the brands definitely earn high marks for uniqueness in look and design.

45. Paul Reed Smith SE Zach Myers Signature Electric Guitar (Trampas Green) — Best Paul Reed Electric Guitar (Editor’s Choice)


The SE Zach Myers is Green and great to hold. You could play it for as long as you wanted and never think about the notion of fatigue. Great when plugged into a high-end amp.


46. PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Standard 24 Electric Guitar, Vintage Cherry — Best Paul Reed Guitar Bundle (People’s Choice)

This Paul Reed Smith SE has a whammy bar and a bridge that is specified for the tremolo. If you like to play classic beachy tunes such as surf rock or proto-punk, this guitar will do wonders for you in tone.


47. PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Whale Blue — Best Paul Reed for Studio Sessions


The Paul Reed Smith SE 24 is a Rosewood built a guitar that is specified for studio sessions. That means that tones are sharp and precise. For those that are intermediate or greater, use this to highlight music that you’re recording.


48. PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Standard 24 Electric Guitar, Vintage Cherry — Best Paul Reed for Extended Playing Sessions


The Vintage Cherry version of the Paul Reed has great accessories on the guitar itself, and will likely hold up for many years without requiring replacement parts. Great for all music genres.



Best ESP guitar reviewsESP has locations in both North America and Asia, having a diverse lineup of instruments that are synonymous with the region in which they’re located. As for their most popular products, they include electric guitars that are built for people that have an admiration for heavier genre choices. This includes heavy metal, thrash metal, and shoegaze.

49. ESP LTD Viper Series Viper-10 Electric Guitar – Black — Best ESP Guitar for Heavy Metal (Editor’s Choice)

The Viper Series 10 has a solid Maple neck and basswood frame, the ideal combination for heavy riffs and fast action, along with the pickups.


50. ESP LTD B-206SM Spalted Maple 6-String Bass Guitar, See Thru Black Satin — Best ESP Guitar for Pickup/Bridge Hand Placement (People’s Choice)


The LTD B-206SM Spalted Maple is also great for all the purposes mentioned earlier, which gives it the power to play for those that are attempting to speed up their level pickups. You can place your hands on the scratchboard without missing it, much owed to the size of it alone.


51. ESP LTD EC-1000 Piezo Electric Guitar, See Thru Black — Best ESP Guitar for Quick Fretting

The EC-1000T/CTM Electric Guitar by ESP is EMG pickups that perform well when you want to practice. It’s probably the best beginner guitar in the series, and the weight is very light. Easy to transport and take with you wherever your playing must commence.


52. ESP LTD F10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Black — Best ESP Guitar for Fret Thickness


This F10 model includes a gig bag and is hued in all black. The build quality is well, and you’ll really notice the fine-tuning to the intricate pieces of the body. Even the pickups look much higher in quality than the guitar actually retails for!



Best Jackson Guitars ReviewsJackson is another subsidiary of Fender (They have a lot) and has manufacturing facilities spread all over the world. It’s one of the newest companies featured in the list, having been established in 1990. They became known in the rock genre for building great heavy metal tone guitars that have lots of unique and iconic designs.

53. Jackson JS32 Warrior – Satin Black — Best Jackson Guitar for Hard Rock (Editor’s Choice)


The JS32 Warrior is Satin Black and good for creating the wall of sound that metal is famous for. The distortion can get pretty intense when hooked up with the right amplifier, so be sure to invest in one if you haven’t done so and are thinking about getting this beast.


54. Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS22-7 DKA HT 7-String Electric Guitar — Best 7-String Jackson Guitar (People’s Choice)


The JS22-7 DKA HT is another good buy for heavy metal enthusiasts and is their flagship model for beginners or anyone that plays only periodically. It’s matte black, which means that fingerprints and stains will show easily in the guitar but it should be clean to clean, regardless.


55. Jackson JS22 Dinky – Natural Oil — Best Jackson Guitar for Clean Tones


The JS22 Dinky Natural Oil is powerful and will hold up under lots of stress. Of course, you shouldn’t do it but if the instrument were to fall from a small height, damages wouldn’t be likely. The pickup design is brilliant as well and was made for the large-handed in mind. People with smaller arms and hands will also get through their notes quickly but may require a bit more practice on the first try.


56. Jackson JS32 Dinky – Natural Oil — Best Jackson Guitar for Intermediates


The JS32 Mahogany is solid, having no hollow insides. It’s key lie in the strings themselves, and tone. Removing them and putting on replacements is as easy as tuning the guitar itself, so try out this version if you like guitars that have adjustments that can be done on the fly.



Best Schecter Guitars ReviewsSchecter produces electric, base, and amplifiers in the guitar market. Its origins lie in the production of alternative parts that were used on Fender and Gibson models. But today, they also have their own products that could easily compete with the best that their rivals have to offer. They’ve been around since the 1970s, and is definitely a company to look out for in the future, as far as the quality of the brand goes.

57. Schecter Omen Extreme-7 Electric Guitar (Black Cherry) — Best Schecter Guitar for Quality of Parts (Editor’s Choice)


The Schecter Omen Extreme 7 is a Black Cherry-painted guitar with very wide pickups. You’ll need large hands in order to handle this one. It’s also a 7 string, so if you’re looking to increase what you’re currently capable of doing now, this is a suitable buy.


58. Schecter 2523 5-String Bass Guitar, Satin Black — Best Schecter Guitar for Long Arms(People’s Choice)


The 2523 is a five-string bass, encased in a Satin Black body that’s very strong. The number of pickups really keeps the player focused on precision, and the entire product is easy to pick up and move about.

59. Schecter 430 C-6 Deluxe Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Satin Black — Best Schecter Guitar for Price Value

The 430 C-6 Deluxe Solid Body s also Satin Black, and great for people that have the ability to play with either their left or right hands. The frets are also built well and won’t get scratch marks at the top, even for those who tend to play aggressively.



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